How to Prepare for a Muck Dive

Muck diving is defined as investigating areas of black or grey sand near volcanic activity in search of tiny creatures that lay within. It’s about going slow, with your head in the ground, sometimes visibility is not great, in the hopes of finding something incredible. Preparing for a muck dive requires some extra details and equipment compared to a normal recreational dive.  

  • Do your research. Before embarking on your muck dive, get a book and learn about the creatures in the area. Write a list of the ones you hope to see. You may also want to carry a slate to write down what you’ve seen or to ask any questions you might have. Knowing where a critter lives will make them easier to spot. 
  • Find an experienced local guide. A local guide while muck diving makes all the difference, when you aren’t familiar with the site, a knowledgeable guide will help spot creatures you’ve never seen before. 
  • Plan your dives. Decide which dives you want to do during the day and night. Everyone knows night dives give good opportunities to spot interesting creatures. 
  • Have the right equipment! When planning for muck diving, invest in a decent dive light and if you’re interested in underwater photography, a camera with a macro lens. Carry a magnifying glass makes it easier to spot tiny critters.  
  • Be prepared to dive in bad weather. When it’s raining or the sky is cloudy it gives the best opportunity to spot interesting creatures. 
  • Remember to not touch any marine animals. You can carry a dive rod to help with your buoyancy or to help you capture the perfect shot. 
  • Wait your turn. Learn not to interrupt another photographer until they finish taking photos of the subject.
  • Get low. In order to find interesting creatures, get as close to the sea-bed as possible to scour the ocean floor.
  • Be patient and move slowly. Spotting tiny creatures takes time! 
  • Perfect your frog kicks. This will ensure that you don’t kick up silt as you swim close to the bottom. 

For more information about muck diving, click here.

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