Diving in Al Munassir Wreck, Bandar Khayran, Oman

The Al Munassir Wreck is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in Bandar Khayran and asked-about dives in Oman. It is known for its abundance of marine life.
The majority of Oman’s dive sites are similar, Al Munassir definitely stands out. It’s a 3,000-ton ship, purposefully sunk in 2004 to create an artificial reef. The ship is an old UK Navy vessel. To get to the wreck, it’s about a 40 minute boat ride from shore, depending on which dive center you choose.

Scuba diving in Al Munassir is a must-do for experienced diver. Due to its depth, it’s not suitable for novice divers. The abundance of marine life makes it a perfect place to explore the underwater world. Visibility can be limited depending on the time of year at about 5-10 meters and the water has a greenish hue.

The wreck is teeming with life including a variety of fish and Nudibranchs. Keep an eye out into the blue to spot something special. There are multiple, very large Honeycomb Moray eels that call this wreck their home. There are plenty of places to penetrate the wreck and you can swim inside the vessel from one side to the other. If you plan to penetrate the wreck, it’s a good idea to bring a flashlight. Coming face-to-face with one of the Honeycomb eels without a light is a daunting experience.

If you are a beginner, there are a number of dive schools in Al Munassir that can offer you diving lessons. Once you have your diving certification, you can start exploring the many dive sites that Al Munassir has to offer.

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