Diving in Switzerland

Learn to Dive in Switzerland

Switzerland’s Highlights

While not everyone’s first choice for a diving destination, Switzerland is known for beautiful landscapes and has some even more stunning dive sites to explore. Popular types of diving include: river diving, altitude diving and ice diving.

Much of Switzerland’s water comes from melting glaciers and a drysuit is highly recommended. Verzasca River is a famous diving spot famous for its visibility. Lake Zurich and Lake Leman are two popular lakes for diving.

Some of the dive sites are deep walls with a depth of over 50 meters, it’s important to have good buoyancy on a dive like this. Most dive sites are accessed from shore. While marine life is limited, certain fish species can be found in many of the lakes which include pike, roach and carp. 

When is the best time to go diving in Switzerland? 

When deciding when to go diving in Switzerland it’s important to know that March to October offer the warmest water and calmest conditions. November to February is best for ice diving. 

Water Temperature: At 20m, the water temperature is between 5°C and 6°C all year-round. In summer, the temperature can rise to 20°C at the surface. 

Currents: None

Visibility: Between 1 and 5 meters in most lakes but can rise to 30 meters in Verzasca river. 

Switzerland’s best dive sites

Lac Lioson 

Located in the Alps at 1800m, Lac Lioson is a stunning high-altitude lake that has ice diving in the winter. Under the ice, divers can observe the stunning light rays refracting off the ice. 


Located along the river Verzasca, Lavertezzo is a stunning dive site. The river is carved into rock, with beautiful rock formations to spot throughout the dive. The glacier water is crystal clear offering amazing visibility. 

Hirondelle Wreck, Lake Leman 

One of Lake Leman’s famous dive sites, the Hirondelle was actually the first steam passenger boat on Lake Geneva in 1855. The Hirondelle sank in 1862. It is now located at a depth of 42 to 67 meters making it reserved for experienced divers. 

About the country 

Switzerland is famous for its beauty, neutrality and landscapes. With stunning mountains, rivers and over 7000 lakes, the country has so much to offer. In addition, Switzerland is a landlocked country but that doesn’t matter when you have over 7000 lakes to choose from.

It has the highest peaks in Europe and the alps are world-renowned. As a result, hiking and skiing are two popular activities in Switzerland. Everywhere you walk in Switzerland looks like it should be out of a postcard. Stroll along the lake, explore one of the old towns with cobbled pathways or take a walk in nature and enjoy the true beauty of Switzerland.

Recreational Courses in Switzerland

Dive Centers in Switzerland

Getting to Switzerland

Switzerland is easily accessible from most European destinations. It has good international connections to North America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Once you arrive in Switzerland, the train network is extensive and connects Switzerland with the rest of Europe. Public transport is available in all major cities. You can rent a car as the road systems are good but be sure to note that road signs are in French, German and Italian depending on the region. 

Other important information 

  • Capital: Bern
  • Official Language: German, French and Italian
  • Other Recognized Language: Romansh
  • Demonym: Swiss
  • Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Calling Code: +41
  • Driving Side: right
  • Population: Over 8,570,000
  • Pressure: Bar
  • First Stage: DIN

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