Diving in Lake Hévíz, Hungary

Have you ever gone scuba diving in a lake? If you have, you know how amazing it is to be able to see all the fish and plants that live in the lake. If you haven’t, you should definitely give it a try!

Lake Hévíz is one of the best places to go scuba diving. The water is crystal clear and there are so many things to see. You can find all sorts of fish, plants, and even some small animals. The water in the lake is thermal, with sulfur and other elements.

The lake is at its lowest during winter where it reaches 23°. The lake features an interesting cave where you can see the warm water pouring through and mixing with the cooler water of the lake. The water coming out of the cracks can be a warm 41.6°.

Located 130 miles from Budapest, Lake Hévís is the second largest thermal lake on earth. Scuba diving in Lake Hévíz is a great way to relax and see some amazing things. If you haven’t tried it, you should definitely give it a go!

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