Diving in Köbánya, Hungary

When you think of diving, you might not think of Hungary as a diving destination. Have you ever heard about scuba diving in Köbánya? This hidden gem in Hungary is a must-see for any scuba enthusiast! The mine is located in central Budapest.

Köbánya is home to a number of scuba diving sites, each with its own unique appeal. To explore the mine fully, two days is required. The limestone mine was converted into the Köbánya brewery. Many buildings around Budapest are built from this limestone. The water in the flooded mine was originally used to produce beer. With a series of underwater tunnels, there’s a lot to be explored.

The deepest point is 36 meters but the average depth for most dives is 15 meters. The water is incredibly clear. The rest of the sites have overheads and can only be explored if you are an experienced cave diver. You will need to bring your own cave diving equipment. Recreational divers are only allowed to explore the open water sections.

No matter what your diving level, Köbánya has something to offer. A once in a lifetime dive site. So why not add this destination to your scuba diving bucket list today?

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