Diving in Honduras

Learn to Dive in Honduras

Honduras’ Highlights

There are three main islands to dive in the Bay Islands off the coast of mainland Honduras named Utila, Roatan and Guanaja. Reefs located on this island belong to the Mesoamerican Barrier, the second largest reef system in the world. Honduras is now considered to be one of the best places in the world to learn how to dive.

The three Bay Islands each have their own unique characters. Utila has the best diving of the three and is cheaper than Roatan. Utila is about 15 km long and the smallest of the three islands. It does have a backpacker vibe and offers diving, bars and plenty of them. Roatan is more developed and ideal for families or honeymooners. Roatan offers more comfort and luxury options.

 Both islands have an array of centers offering recreational and technical courses. Roatan has more to do on it than Utila, being larger and more developed. Guanaja is a resort island with more up-market accommodation options. It offers peace and seclusion, with little on the islands aside from the luxury resorts.

The Bay Islands are popular among divers for the sheer diversity of marine life including different species of sharks, rays, eels and crustaceans. The soft and hard coral are truly mesmerizing. There are wrecks, swim-throughs and caves to explore. Both recreational and technical diving are offered.

When is the best time to go diving in Honduras? 

The Bay Islands are best visited during April and May when whale sharks visit the surrounding waters. It is possible to dive in the Bay Islands all year round but avoiding the rainy and hurricane season will provide the best conditions. January and February are the rainy months when visibility is at its lowest. Hurricane season is between June and October. 

Water Temperature: It is easy to dive in Honduras in a skin suit or 3mm suit. The water is 25°C in winter and 29°C in summer. 

Currents: None to medium 

Visibility: 30 to 45 meters all year-round

Honduras’ best dive sites

Black Hills, Utila

A coral encrusted seamount is the home to schools of fish and nurse sharks. The seamount starts at a depth of 50 meters and rises to 10 meters. A Utila favorite.

Mary’s Place, Roatan

If you come to the Bay Islands, if you can only do one dive, do Mary’s Place. Featuring narrow canyons covered in sea fans and black coral trees. The coral is alive with marine life which makes for a spectacular dive.

El Aguila Wreck, Roatan

A fascinating wreck teeming with life from grouper, parrotfish, seahorses and crustaceans. The walls of the wreck are covered in corals and anemones, perfect home for marine life.

About the country 

Honduras is an interesting country to visit. Located in Central America, Honduras is famous for having a high crime and murder rate. The Bay Islands, located off the mainland, have a very different reputation. Made famous as a place to dive and learn how to scuba dive. 

Those visiting Honduras, may want to visit Copan. Home to Ancient Mayan ruins that are less visited than others in the region but are in great condition. Some of the ruins date back to before 1000 B.C. The Comayagua Cathedral is a cultural highlight with the oldest clock on the continent. 

Those that love nature will enjoy visiting Honduras. A huge part of the country is made up of forests to explore. Honduras is a bird-watchers paradise and the Scarlet Macaw is the national bird. 

Recreational Courses in Honduras

Dive Centers in Honduras

Getting to Honduras

Getting to the Bay Island’s is not the easiest. The main airport is in Tegucigalpa with international flights to South, Central, and North America. From the airport, you can take a bus or car to Tela or La Ceiba where you can transfer to the ferry for either Utila or Roatan. For those wanting to head directly to Roatan, there is an international airport.

By land, you can travel by bus or car from neighboring Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Other important information 

  • Capital: Tegucigalpa
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Demonym: Honduran or Catracho/a
  • Currency: Lempira (HNL)
  • Calling code: +504
  • Driving Side: right
  • Population: Above 9,500,000
  • Pressure: Pounds/square inch (psi)
  • First Stage: INT/Yoke

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