Diving in Hannibal Wreck, Monastir, Tunisia

Hannibal Wreck is one of the most popular scuba diving spots in Monastir, Tunisia. The wreck is a huge cargo ship that sunk in the early 1990s. The ship is lying at a depth between 26 and 31 meters and is surrounded by a large number of fish.

The Hannibal Wreck is a great place for experienced scuba divers. The wreck is easy to explore and the fish are very friendly. The Hannibal Wreck is a great place to take some photos and videos of the fish and the wreck. Visibility is usually between 5 to 15 meters and due to the depth of the site, you’re required to at least be advanced.

It’s possible to dive in Monastir all year-round but the best conditions are from March to November. For one of Monastir’s best dive sites, head to Hannibal Wreck.

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