Diving in Bangladesh

Learn to Dive in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Highlights

Diving in Bangladesh is still relatively under-developed. The only place you can dive is in Saint Martin Bangladesh. This island located on the Lesser Antilles is breathtaking. There are two marine parks, helping the coral stay protected. Dive sites are equipped with mooring buoys as one of their protection strategies. The marine life is abundant with turtles, lobsters, groupers, sea fans, colourful coral and beautiful fish. The reef surrounding the island is named Chera Dweep. 

Saint Martin is a tropical paradise, the only coral island in Bangladesh, with beautiful sandy beaches lined with coconut palms. At the southernmost tip, the island has mangrove forests. Several endangered species of turtles’ lay nests on the island and a sea turtle conservation program site operates on the west of the island. 

Located in the Bay of Bengal, it is just 8km from Myanmar. It’s a laid-back and peaceful place. You can visit the whole island in a day, as it is 8 km² in low tide, and shrinks to 5km² when the tide is high. There are 7’000 inhabitants.  There is no electricity while some of the larger hotels have generators they run for a few hours in the evening. When you’re not diving, you’ll most likely be relaxing in a hammock.

When is the best time to go diving in Bangladesh?

The tourist season is usually during winter between November and February, as between May and July it is the monsoon season. 

Water Temperature: The water temperature ranges from 18°C in winter to 28°C in summer. 

Currents: Moderate currents

Visibility: 5 to 20 meters.

Bangladesh’s best dive sites

Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin’s island is located in the Bay of Bengal, 9 km south of Cox’s Bazar. It’s a truly unique setting featuring two nationalities, two distinct cultures and two administrations. There are even two marine parks, meaning the area around the island remains protected. The dive sites are equipped with mooring buoys so boats do not have to anchor which damages the reef. Saint Martin is home to an abundance of marine life including: turtles, lobsters, conchs, sea fans, hogfish, groupers and much more. 

About the country

Bangladesh is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. It features more than 700 rivers, keeping the country very green as a result. It is said that there are more types of boats used in Bangladesh than any other country, so be sure to explore the rivers with your boat of choice. Activities that can be enjoyed include water skiing, hiking, rowing, yachting and fishing. 

Recreational Courses in Bangladesh

Dive Centers in Bangladesh

Getting to Bangladesh

Bangladesh has international airports with direct flights to many countries. Within the country, there are domestic flights, boats, trains and you can drive. Boats or trains remain the safest and most consistent form of travel. Get to Saint Martin by catching a bus to Teknaf or fly to Cox’s Bazar then take a bus or private car to Teknaf. From Teknaf, take a boat which should take around 2 hours and enjoy the spectacular views as you cruise the Naf River. 

Other important information

  • Capital: Dharka
  • Official Language: Bengali
  • Regional languages: Chittagonian, Rangpuri, Sylheti, Chakma
  • Demonym: Bangladeshi
  • Currency: Taka
  • Calling code: +880
  • Driving Side: Left
  • Population: Upwards of 161 million

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