Scubaholics Cyprus

Embark on an extraordinary underwater adventure with Scubaholics Diving Center in Cyprus, where the azure Mediterranean Sea unveils its breathtaking secrets. Our center offers comprehensive scuba diving lessons tailored for divers of all levels, ensuring a safe and enriching experience exploring the marine wonders of Cyprus. At Scubaholics, our experienced instructors are not just educators; they are passionate divers dedicated to sharing their profound love for the ocean.

Join us to discover the vibrant underwater landscapes, encounter diverse marine life, and learn from a team committed to turning every dive into a transformative journey. Scubaholics Diving Center in Cyprus invites you to dive deeper, guided by a passion for the sea and a commitment to sharing the wonders of scuba diving with enthusiasts from all walks of life.


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  • 1 Tauchgang

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  • 2 Tauchgänge

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  • 2 Tauchgänge (inkl. Ausrüstung)

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  • Entdecke das Tauchen

    65 USD
  • Open-Water-Taucher

    410 USD
  • Fortgeschrittener Open Water Diver

    410 USD
  • Rescue Diver

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  • Angereicherte Luft (Nitrox)

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  • Tieftauchgang

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  • Spitzenleistung Auftrieb

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  • Such- und Bergungstaucher

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